Sunday, January 4, 2009

We had a great holiday break! I am sad that it all ends tomorrow. Christmas Eve we spent with Jason's family in Tooele. We had dinner and a small talent show. It was fun to see everyone. Christmas was really relaxing. We told the kids they couldn't get up until 7 am and they all slept until 7:30 am. Then we opened presents and just played, watched movies, and relaxed until 5 pm. Then we went to my parents for dinner and games. The rest of our holiday break we have just spent time with family and friends and stayed home.
Yesterday my friends from the ward gave me a baby shower. It was so fun. The hostess ( Marilynn) really knows how to throw a party! I received a ton of beautiful gifts! Thank you everyone that came!


Jason gave Mallory this polar bear and her baby got a new outfit.

Jason and Jackson got boxing gloves and a punching bag for Christmas. Jackson gave me these stylin sunglasses.

Santa gave Whitney an ihome. Hopefully now she can wake herself up for school.

Devin got this lego castle. It only took him about 5 hours to put it together.

Grandma Zander sent scarfs and hats to the kids for Christmas.